9 Aug


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Cooking should be an ADVENTURE!

22 Jul

Never in my life have I enjoyed cooking as much as I do now! Maybe it’s the fact that I’m cooking for someone who cares and who loves food. I told my husband last nite that it seems like everytime he eats something, he tastes it like he did the very first time he ate it. He gets more excited about food than anyone I know.

So I posted last week about Sophie Dahl, who has her own cooking show on the BBC. You can YouTube her and watch some of the decadent dishes that she prepares. I am going to pick a recipe to try out in the next few weeks. This is a little clip by Sophie Dahl in which she talks about why she loves food! Food should be an adventure, she explains. Sign me up Sophie!

The Ding Dong Ditch

21 Jul

I was reading my favorite blog, Kindness Matters, and clicked over to another blog called kindnessgirl. This page is dedicated to spreading kindness as much as possible. I was fascinated after reading about “The Ding Dong Ditch” This involves creating/making/buying something,  leaving it on someone’s doorstep, ringing their doorbell, and running like mad before they get to the door. I love this creative idea and will be plotting my first Ding-Dong-Ditch!

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People Will Talk

19 Jul

It’s a simple Saturday night. Home with the husband. The popcorn is popped. Perfect.

People will talk is an old classic featuring Cary Grant and Jeanne Craine. This movie was nearly perfect. Cary Grant played the famous Dr. Noah Praetorius, who teaches in a medical school and founded a clinic dedicated to treating patients humanely and holistically. He spends much of his time talking with patients, making them laugh, which he says helps is making his patients get “well”  This movie was so good I watched it with pen and paper. I loved so many quotes and scenes throughout the movie, I just couldn’t get enough. He and Deborah Higgins fall in love and the second half of the movie is dedicated to their relationship along with another story that unfolds in the first scene of the movie in which another professor is trying to ruin Noah’s practice by digging up things from his past. Just please trust me on this one. THIS MOVIE IS BRILLIANT. Below is a clip of one of my scenes when they finally admit their love for one another, and yes “the kiss” is definitely breathtaking!

Now go get it. Seriously.

Vacations bring Inspirations

16 Jul
It’s funny how vacations always bring upon new inspirations. I am always on the look out for a new book, music, or decorative piece for my home. Last night, after eating at Tommy Bahama Restaurant in Myrtle Beach Market Commons, I walked into my dreamworld….Anthropologie! I have never walked into a place where I wanted every single thing inside. I love their unique fabric combinations, eclectic jewelry, and their unique selection of books. One book in particular caught my eye. It was Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights. The cover was cool and the inside was even cooler. The author: Sophie Dahl– granddaughter of the great Roald Dahl. Although I did not purchase the book, I did add it to my TO BUY List! I came back and started researching all about her life. I love her. Posted below is an interview she did on her book. See if it sells you! More to come about the great Sophie Dahl!

500 Days of Summer

5 Jul

I have been dying to see this movie since LAST SUMMER! So I have decided that tonite is the night to finally watch it! First of all, let me mention that I think that Zooey Deschanel is brilliant!

I also need to check out the soundtrack to this movie. I am sure it is brilliant as well. Zooey Deschanel has a gorgeous voice. I loved her in Elf and I can’t wait to see her in 500 Days of Summer

Great Song on my playlist

4 Jul

While at the beach, I clicked on my KLove (Christian Radio) App. It usually takes a few minutes for the station to load. As I waited, I looked out into the ocean, just watching the waves. Suddenly the song- Let the Waters Rise- by Mikeschair came on….The Lyrics= There’s a Raging Sea, Right in front of me! Wow—- this made my world stop. I focused intently on the words. Afterwards, I reflected on the lyrics, “I will follow you.” Do I really do this? Do my feet go where God intends? Am I afraid of what may happen if I actually did? I am praying I can truly follow Him all the days of my life!